What does the service consist of?

Having a Home Gym means having the ability to workout when you want, at the pace you want, and we at Gladius allow you to design the gym of your dreams-we exceed your expectations!
Not only can you take advantage of our render design to better organize your space, but you can also request our service of equipment assembly Gladius.
All the projects we carry out are designed with the client in mind and with a view to having a professional training center, with products that will last because of their high quality.
Want to start designing your Home Gym now? Send an email to team@gladiuseurope.com.
We need accurate information to make a 3D proposal:
  • floor plan with dimensions
  • perspective views of the space to be set up
  • list of chosen products and facilities.
  • It is important to know that not all spaces are suitable; there are necessary features for a garage gym:
  • Ceiling height of at least 3m
  • 40sqm usable area of indoor space

    • Minimum height
    • Space in square metres for equipment
    • Type of flooring
    • Ground floor or upper floors
    • Type of wall e.g.: concrete, hollow bricks, plasterboard

    How do we perform the service?

    1. Floor plan

    Floor plan of the size of your Home Gym space

    2. Section of space

    The section of the space you would like rendered

    3. Perspective views

    Send us several perspective views of the space in which you will place the equipment

    4. Product Selection

    The products and facilities of your choice

    5. Photo space

    Photos of the space to be rendered

    Examples of Home Gym set-ups

    Why choose Gladius to fit out your gym?

    Attention to detail

    the design of our equipment allows for an aesthetically perfect Home Gym


    Quality gym equipment for a home gym that will last

    Financing possibilities

    To realise your dream, we provide an ad hoc financing plan

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