What does the service consist of?

If your dream is to open your own gym or to have professional equipment in your cubicle, you can take advantage of our Operational Rental service.
You will have the opportunity to organize your business plan according to the monthly rental cost, spreading the monthly fee over a period of up to 60 months.
At the end of the operational rental period, you have 2 options: redeem the equipment by becoming its owner, or return it and replace it with new models.

Why choose Gladius for equipment rental?


Bureaucracy is limited to the bone and only a few documents are needed to apply and within 48 hours you will have the outcome.


There are no limits for companies and freelancers with a tax history of up to EUR 9,500 and even no tax history for start-ups. Since leasing is a service, it does not appear in the financial commitment databases, which means that it is possible to apply for financing from banks or financial institutions.


Constant fees, for the entire duration of the Operational Rental. The contract includes insurance on the rented products and the possibility of adding assembly and transport costs.

Rental examples

To better understand how convenient the Operational Rental service is, here are 3 indicative examples. It should always be borne in mind that TAN and APR are calculated at the time the lease instalment quote is set and may vary depending on: total rental value, transport costs, insurance costs and redemption costs at the end of the lease.


  • - Equipment to the value of €7,933.74 + VAT
  • - No initial investment
  • Financing amount for 60 MONTHS is EUR 168.16 + VAT/month


  • - Equipment to the value of 10,927.79€ + VAT
  • - Initial investment 3,000.00€ + VAT
  • Financing amount for 60 MONTHS equals EUR 168.16 + VAT/month


  • - Equipment to the value of 18,002.03€ + VAT
  • - Initial investment 10,000.00€ + VAT
  • Financing amount for 60 MONTHS = EUR 168.16 + VAT/month

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